Pet Friendly Requirements

What is allowed?                                                                                                          
If indicated Cats and Dogs up to two total pets are allowed.
If indicated Cat OK up to two cats are allowed.
If indicated No then obviously no pets allowed.

Basic Physical Requirements                                                                                  
All pets must be spayed or neutered and cats must also be front declawed.
All pets must have current license and inoculations as required by local law.
Proof required by licensed Veterinarian.

Fees and Deposit Requirements                                                                             

FEES:   We DO NOT charge a non-refundable pet fee.
DEPOSIT:   The only difference with units that allow pets is the ‘No Deposit’ Policy does not apply.

When & How to Notify FPM that you have a Pet
The Pet Addendum must be fully completed with required attachments and turned in when applying for the rental unit.

Incomplete Pet Addendums will not be accepted.

Unapproved Pets                                                                                                        
Unless written approval is given by Furman Property Management, pets
are not allowed in the units or on the grounds and is considered a
violation of the lease agreement as stated on Page 5 of the lease agreement.

5. Pets NO PETS OR OTHER ANIMALS ALLOWED ON PREMISES!!! Pet-sitting is prohibited. Although pets/animals are not allowed, service animals assisting the handicapped will be permitted as required by law. Landlord considers violation of this rule particularly serious because of damage done by pets to units. Aquariums that do not pose a significant risk of harm to the Unit, other tenants, or other property of the Landlord or cause leakage or condensation in the Unit may be permitted with Landlord’s prior written consent. Tenant will be charged for the actual costs and expenses incurred by Landlord by reason of Tenant’s violation of this provision.

Click here for a printable version of the Pet Addendum